The West Coast Life
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Lambert's Bay West coast
Yzerfontein Pearl Bay West Coast
Lambertsbaai Sunsets Malkopbaai
Lambertsbaai Shells

When all else fails...just watch the waves

{or anything really just find something}

This Creative Journey started out as a mission to see something forgotten, Divinely amazing but clouded by worldly problems; my problems; our problems.

Things that bring back a long lost inner connection to the wonderful world we live in; back to our natural state of being. Things utterly passing us by; day by day; while fixated on what doesn’t matter. I’m honoured to share these small homemade clips with you.

There are lots to value in the Western Cape of South Africa; so much really; but we will try our best to show you what we sought out to capture for each day. From beautiful Nature clips and breathtaking stories right through to dream destinations to visit when you ever get the chance.



{Van Gogh}

Be Inspired, Start Here

15 Years Blessed and Loving...

By Carelia KuhnOn January 16, 2020

Gratitude; 15 years Sober from Heroin Blessed and Loving my Life!...

Priceless Gold

By Carelia KuhnOn November 7, 2018

Sunrise and Sunset comes and many of us REALLY STOP? Just...

Waves; I Love Waves

By Carelia KuhnOn October 20, 2018

Yes, I really do love waves, the sheer force they empower. Nothing...

West Coast Rally –...

By Carelia KuhnOn October 27, 2018

The West Coast Rally is a Yearly event in Lambert's Bay. 700+ Harley...

Wind Stirs the Fury Within

By Carelia KuhnOn October 30, 2018

For me there is truly nothing more Wondrous than a wave, but a...

When Inspiring Tide is Low

By Carelia KuhnOn November 8, 2018

Some days the "just find something" is all there is. “Defeat May Be...

Spectacular Colours

By Carelia KuhnOn November 9, 2018

West Coast Sunsets is foremost the splendorous thing, natures beauty...

Presence of Rain

By Carelia KuhnOn December 1, 2018

The West Coast is notorious for the little rain it receives yearly;...

Silent Joys

By Carelia KuhnOn December 8, 2018

Splendid comfortable silences. When you don't have much...

Looking for some great Places to visit?

``When Life introduces Grief and Sadness;

Have the inner Strength and Courage to introduce Beauty``

{Carelia Kühn}

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